V.T.O.L Media



Construction Progress Videos and Stills.

During any Construction project the key stakeholders, Project team, client, architect, and local authority require up-to-date progress reports, with the advancement in Drone technology this is now achievable and can be carried out during construction.

At VTOL Media we offer the client a tailor-made package of hi-resolution video and stills at regular intervals to be agreed upon at the greenfield stage if necessary. At each stage of construction using the latest AI (Artificial Intelligence) Drone software, pre-programmed flights can be carried out autonomously meaning the client has an up-to-date video report.

This can significantly reduce overall project costs, reduction of risk brings no disruption to current workflows, and eases the timescale pressures.

More importantly, is that the data exceed the client’s expectations and is comparable to or better than traditional methods, and delivered faster to the people who need it most!