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Aerial Photography, Video & Survey

As much as landscape photography is stunning, drone photography adds an exciting dimension. Interest has skyrocketed for these elevated perspectives and “the bird’s eye view “of your property or event makes it even more special.

We provide extensive, affordable aerial drone video and photography to clients throughout the United Kingdom.

Our services as drone photographers are tailored to meet any project requirements, we are dedicated, understanding exactly what you need and how we can deliver.

We specialize in aerial photography,videos and construction progress images including:

Golf Courses, Domestic or Commercial Property,Construction Sites
Mapping Surveys for Construction, Agriculture and Mining.

We are fully approved and certified by Dronesafe and the CAA (OA) – 5972 and conduct all our services according to the strictest CAA and UK Air Law regulations.

Our permissions allow us to fly over congested areas and photograph any outdoor area and position the drone up to 400 ft in the air. We can position the drone in various places to provide you with unique angles for your projects.

If you want gorgeous footage for your blog or website or enchanting images for a publication, you can rely on our expertise and artistic vision. For every client, VTOL Media provide you with an excellent end product and stunning 4k visuals to suit your aerial photography and video needs. Our rates are some of the best and if a customer requires us to visit more than one site on the same day, we offer a discount. If you’re keen on prompt and reliable service coupled with a friendly approach and remarkable results, please get in touch for a detailed chat.

About Us

As a part of our dedication to providing an excellent service, we guarantee that if you are not completely satisfied with the finished product, there will be no charge for our services. We conduct our services according to the highest possible standards of safety and quality.We will provide productions and end products that surpass expectations.

About Us

We provide professional, customised drone aerial video, photography and surveys service to any client in the United Kingdom.


“VTOL Media: Elevating Visual Narratives. Aerial Photography, Videography, and Drone Solutions for Captivating Perspectives. Redefining the Art of Storytelling.”


Commercial drone aerial video, photography and construction survey, captured using our latest high-tech equipment.

What We Offer

VTOL Media offers an extensive range of services to help your imagery and videos stand out from the rest. Using the latest DJI Technology. Some of the expert drone video and still photograph services we carry out include:


Industrial and commercial showcase video and stills.

Residential Property Video and Still Photography.
Construction site progress and survey Video free flight or tethered.
Roof and Chimney Surveys,Insurance recommended.
Orthomosaic (flat) and 3D Mapping Surveys for Construction, Agriculture and Mining

Latest Media / Updates

We take great pride in using only the latest in high-tech equipment to carry out all our aerial filming services. All photographs and video imagery are completed to suit your budget, in ultra HD 4K resolution. Additionally,we use the latest Drone Mapping Software for Surveying Construction and Agriculture, all photos and footage will be provided in your choice of raw or edited formats.